The issue of security is particularly important. Referring to the classical theories of motivation, security, and more specifically the need for security, is expressed in expectation, the desire for stability and certainty, as well as “support, care, freedom from fear, fear and chaos, structure, order, law and boundaries, strong guardian, etc. “

Our article deals with crisis management in Poland, as well as in the European Union, taking into account the priorities set by the United Nations in this regard. The author indicates on recent and processed amendments in Polish law. Currently a draft act amending the act on crisis management and certain other acts is proceeded. The demands for changes include, inter alia: strengthening the crisis management system, introducing new solutions in accordance with the objectives and requirements of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, changing the method of selecting critical infrastructure in line with the needs of local communities. The author considers the effects to the population, economy, property and infrastructure of insufficient crisis management.

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