The new electronic communication law is set to be introduced into the Polish legal system in order to harmonize with EU regulations. It includes comprehensive regulations concerning electronic communications market, general decisions and access to multiplexes.

Our article concerns the amendment to the telecommunications law in Poland, by introducing a new act – Electronic communication law, which entered into force on December 21, 2020. The article indicates changes in online commercial activities in the field of direct marketing and cookies in the light of the new act. The authors also indicate the introduced legislative innovations, such as the unification of regulations on multiplexes, legal regulation of OTT services or the introduction of direct billing services. Reference is also made to the new powers of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications in Poland with regard to issuing general decisions, together with a comparison to similar regulations in other European countries. The authors positively assess the legal regulation of such areas as OTT services and direct billing as well as the subjective and objective differentiation of the requirements in the field of end-user rights.

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