The increase in extreme climatic conditions, the problem of feeding a growing population and ensuring a generational renewal of the agricultural sector are real challenges today. Is the implementation of new technologies and innovations in rural areas the and answer for these new challenges? Or should we have a serious take on protection of the landscape, natural sites and ecological farming?

Our article deals with the digitization of the agricultural sector. In this regard, the authors refer to the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, which is heading towards precision agriculture, based on advanced equipment with appropriate technologies for collecting and transmitting data. It is emphasized that, according to experts, the Common Agricultural Policy does not sufficiently take into account activities aimed at biodiversity and food protection in healthy and diverse agro-systems and social conditions. The authors refer to the report of the Friends of the Earth Europe organization, in which it is proposed to include possible alternatives to digital agriculture, such as agroecology. The article stimulates reflection on the consideration of environmental protection aspects in the process of digitization of subsequent areas of life and economy.

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